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Japonais Bistro is a contemporary dining experience that welcomes everyone.

With over forty years combined experience as sushi chefs, our team has created a unique dining experience for your enjoyment. Our menu is a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese cuisine. We fuse Japanese/Pan-Pacific flavours with North American influences. Our dishes include innovative gourmet sushi and hot and cold sharing plates. We use quality ingredients sourced both locally and from Japan. Our Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu is grown without any added hormones and antibiotics. Gluten-free, dairyfree, nut-free and vegetarian options are available.

Harry Yoon, Operation manager / Head chef
Harry Yoon is the mastermind behind Japonais Bistro’s Omakaze menu — a culinary experience prepared twenty-four hours ahead of time which combines Japanese cooking techniques with fresh, seasonal ingredients.
Yoon’s entire life has been inspired by food. As a youngster, Yoon grew up on a salt farm in Mokpo, Korea — a city famous for seafood. When Yoon was ten, he was taken under the guidance of his uncle (a chef working under the renowned Chosen Group) and taught how to cook. Yoon, in his final year of secondary school, was accepted into the prestigious Korea Culinary Art Science High School. During his time there, he led a team of students to win the gold medal at the Food Academy Competition held by the Korean Ministry of Labour. Upon completing compulsory military service (as a chef), Yoon moved to Sydney, Australia where he gained further experience working at a Japanese restaurant. In 2014 he transplanted to Edmonton, Canada to become the head chef at Japonais Bistro. Drawing upon his vast experience in international culinary arts, Yoon masterfully creates tantalizing modern Japanese dishes.

Shigeo Takeda, Head Sushi Chef
With seventeen years of experience as a sushi chef, Shigeo Takeda’s expertise in authentic Japanese cuisine lends itself to the delicious fusion of east meets west at Japonais Bistro.
Takeda grew up in Kagawa, a small and abundant district in Japan. In his formative years, he developed a curiosity for cooking and spent much time in the kitchen. Directly after graduating high school, Takeda’s fascination with food led him to enroll in washoku culinary school. For the next few years, Takeda dedicated himself to the art of washoku — traditional Japanese food with harmony at its core. Following his studies, Takeda moved to the city of Kyoto. Over the next fifteen years, he honed his skills working as a sushi chef at various Japanese restaurants including the acclaimed JuBei. In 2011, Shigeo relocated to Edmonton, Canada and became the head sushi chef at Japonais Bistro in 2014. With his extensive knowledge of Japanese seasonal ingredients and flavors, Takeda is committed to ensuring that a large variety of fresh, seasonal fish and high-quality wagyu beef is always on the menu.