Tuna nacho

crispy wonton chips, spicy sesame tuna, avocado & jalapeño.

jalapeño, cilantro & ponzu sauce.

seared with hot olive oil with garlic & yuzu soy…

fresh fruits, avocado & olive dressing.

deep-fried tofu in sweet soy sauce, freshly ground daikon, green…

served with sesame sauce.

anchovy garlic.

deep fried sushi rice with salmon, scallops, mayo, avocado &…

served with avocado, blanched spinach & sesame dressing.

freshly ground daikon & ponzu dressing

Black cod

okra, miso tare & yuzu foam.

prawn tempura coated in garlic aioli, with crispy wonton &…

Kamo duck

pumpkin purée & negi miso tare.

garlic chips, chili oil, micro chervil & sesame dressing.

stone grilled at your table, served with sesame sauce &…

stone grilled at your table, served with wasabi tare &…

deep-fried & served with chili mayo.

grilled beef short rib marinated in apple soy sauce.


served with wasabi sour cream.

ask your server for today’s fresh oyster.

topped with seaweed butter, wild boar bacon & lemon.